Thursday, 20 December 2012

When all the World is Full of Snow

Eloise says " I love this poem because it reminds of Christmas morning when the world seems like nothing can go wrong"

I never know
Just where to go,
when all the world
is full of snow

I do not want
to make a track,
no even
to the shed and back.

I only want
to watch and wait,
while snow moths settle
on the gate,

and swarming frost flakes
fill the trees
with billions
of albino bees.

I want to watch
the snow swarms thin,
'til all my bees
have settles in,

and on the ice
the boulders ride,
like sleeping snow geese
on the ride.

I only want
myself to be
as silent as
a winter tree,

to hear the swirling
stillness grow,
when all the world
is full of snow

N M Bodecker

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